Jacob Zuma can take us to the promised Land

4 03 2008


If your idea as youth is to own your own house or land after 2009 elections, Jacob Zuma is the right candidate which we can wrestle for. Since Zuma received a lot of support from ANC youth league, I think we as youth can now dream of seeing the Promised Land at last. I think after 2009 elections, a lot of young South Africans will finally have a place in the economy. I read newspapers very often, but I don’t really like the opinions describing Mr Zuma as someone who will drive the economy towards Zimbabwean direction. I think we need to take into consideration the fact that African National Congress (ANC) it’s a collective organisation chaired by Mr Zuma. In other words, the president of the party relies on the policies of the party when making decisions, as he does not have his own policies. I agree that he is the man in front, but the way people are judging him as an individual is no longer fair and we don’t have to blame him individually. ANC removed a lot of powers from the president, so a lot of things have changed. I think Mr Zuma said it clearly that he does not have his own policies, but he will be standing-in the policies of ANC. In addition, if the party members didn’t have confidence in him they should have opted for another candidate. Based on the decision made by the majority of ANC members, Zuma is currently the right candidate to rule the country, no matter what charges he is facing. The problem that I think South Africa is facing is that, a lot of people don’t have confidence in people who didn’t have an opportunity to receive proper education. Zuma is a good example here. But I would like to use another example of Rhodes University, how many ‘African’ students coming from disadvantaged schools are competing with students from module ‘C’ schools. If you know the answer, then Mr Zuma is the right man. Let’s as youth pray for this well respected man in the field of politics to survive all the charges he is currently facing, so that we can finally see the Promised Land, free education, reduced Crime, land reform, curbing HIV/Aids, and economic policies that will continue attracting international businesses. AKA MKA

Jacob Zuma Zuma




3 responses

4 03 2008

Aka Mka, Interesting post. I found your comparison of zuma and Rhodes university students to be very intersting (I’m also tempted to say valid as well), Eish bra, we really can’ escape Politricks!

7 03 2008

He has no vision. In his words he is just ‘a loyal ANC cadre’ implementing what he claims is ‘party policy’.

“This is a leadership cop-out if there ever was one, especially in a party that is still a ‘broad church’ with widely divergent policy approaches,

27 08 2008

i dont believe one man can alter our lives its collective effort we need to stop looking up to one man or woman as our saviours

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