No African leader can survive without white support!

6 04 2008

Travel  around the campus, the conversations is about Mugabe who tried it and failed. So what more can we say about African leaders? Is the problem with African leaders? I don’t think so, firstly African leaders are just the same as Western leaders? So why  African leaders can’t survive without white support? The answer is obvious, African countries can’t produce enough food to feed themselves, as a result you can’t bite the hand that feeds you.  Allow me to say that Africans do not produce their own food as a consequence they rely at the kindness of rich and powerful countries. In Zimbabwe the problem is with Mugabe who wants to be independent, which is highly unlikely, because his black farmers are not producing anything.

For the sake of African’s rights for survival, African leaders must remain dependent to rich countries, because independence is costly.





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6 04 2008

Umm…ja. That. Or…

Africa has enough natural resources to feed the world. Zimbabwe has enough to feed the continent. The problem isn’t a lack of resources; its a lack of proper leadership who knows how to make use of these resources.

Certain African leaders are sitting about on their bums, moaning about what the white man did to them and generally feeling victimised (and therefore allowing themselves to be made into victims), and giving themselves permission to do nothing to build their nation.

These leaders aren’t any less capable than white leaders; they are no less intelligent, and most are no less educated. They simply aren’t doing it. They aren’t leading. They’re too busy feeling sorry for themselves and blaming colonialism for their woes, instead of taking steps towards building their nation. They are giving themselves permission to demand and accept handouts from the rest of the world, on the basis of being “previously disadvantaged” and/or “colonised”, and never bother to actually lead!!

Build a man a fire, he’ll be warm for a day. Teach a man to build a fire, he’ll be warm for the rest of his life. The problem is, most African leaders are still expecting white men to build their fires, instead of actually building them for themselves.

7 04 2008

Mugabe tried to build fire for himself and he learnt a lesson in a hard way.

8 04 2008

I agree fully, like my friend once said “Behind the success of every black man there is a white man”. Bob’s biggest mistake was not befriend Blair and Bush. He had he done that Zimbabwe would not be in a mess that it is in today.

But whats better, to have the west mess up your country or to mess it yourself?

8 04 2008

“Behind every great black man there’s a white man.” Behind Steve Biko there was Donald Woods, Behind Azwihangwisi Mufamadi there is W…. eish! (he’ll finish the rest himself). Some things do amaze me

8 04 2008

As David Bullard said “the indigenous population realised what they have been missing all along:white people, someone to blame. At last their prayers have been answered.

9 04 2008

No man, that’s just a cop out. There is nothing inferior about black men. They are just as capable of leading as any white man. Some of them just haven’t developed the character to do so. It’s not like it’s built into their DNA to be bad leaders…they don’t intrinsically need a white man to hold their hand and show them how to do it. Perhaps what they needed at some stage was additional education, or for someone to teach them the value of integrity and honour over self-interest and tradition. Saying that black men are in need of white men to lead, is just pathetic…it’s so dishonouring to people of all colours other than white. White people aren’t special…I should know, I am one!! I’m a huge fan of having black (or other colours?) men in power who are full of vision for their nation who genuinely want to see it succeed over their own personal self-interest. African nations have the potential to be major world players, if only their leadership would rise to the challenge.

9 04 2008

Sorry, I forgot…

Mugabe’s problem wasn’t that he didn’t have a white man to show him the way!! His problem is that he is primarily self-interested and he doesn’t have the strength of character to hold such a position of authority!! It wouldn’t necessarily have been better for a white man to be in control; what was needed was a man who is a good leader, in terms of caring for the needs of his people and trying to build the nation’s economy. A man of any colour can do that; it’s dependent upon his character, not his colour.

10 04 2008
Nqobile (UKZN)

I understand your argument, however i tend to think otherwise. I choose to say every black man’s success lies not in white hands but in their own strong-willed mentality. The only reason it seems that those black leaders relied on white support to get to the top is just a consequence of our horrible past. Whites are currently in the bosses seat and we have to liaise with them if we want to venture into the same industries etc. Had the situation been turned, im convinced it would be reverse: white man would be relying on blacks to get the cash loaded seats. So, inevitably, our past will always be reflected in our present and ultimately affect our future. It’s just a sad philosophy of life which we have to live with.

10 04 2008

I think the writer of the article got it write, blacks are inferior and always wait for the whites to do things for them. Can you please tell me of anything that was started by a black person? God created this race (black) by mistake. Before a white superior man came to Africa, blacks were residing on top of Gold, copper and other valuable minerals, but just because they are not good they failed to realize that.

Lastly, Jenny all people are primary-self interested!

10 04 2008

The people have spoken? Ngobile, are you saying that Africa was flourishing, before white people colonised Africa? What horrible past are talking about? I don’t blame white people for colonising Africa, hope you know rational thinking. Africans gave white people a warm welcome, just because they were missing in their life, and they (blacks) finaly got what was missing.

Anon said it all?

10 04 2008

Let Mutabaruka from Jamaica tell you wher the problem is:
“it was you who went to the amerikas and afrika
with your doctrine of civilizin the savages
you taught black people to pray with their eyes closed
when they open them
you had their land and they had the bible
with bible and gun
you robbed raped [m]urdered our fore parents
in the name of jesus
you divided black people in groups
causin them to distrust each other
the first charge is for misleadin black people
into their color blind blindness
you have black people worshipin everything white as good
white jesus white winged angels white christmas
even the songs talk about ‘whiter than snow i long to be’

10 04 2008
Nqobile (UKZN)

Anon, i disagree, Black man is not inferior, the likeness of his inferiority is a sad consequence of his past and a black man did start something- Steve Bantu Biko started the “Black Consciousness Movement”. Though inspired by a series of theories on Africanism, however Boko and his peer freedom fighters coined the term based on their own experience as blacks in the apartheid regime. It is mind boggling that one would think black man was created by mistake.
I for one am black and do not at any instance feel i’m a mistake. Actually, it’s the other way around- I feel blessed. Any black man in the country today must feel important because they are descendents of survivors of the apartheid regime. My blackness is not defined by my lack of wealth or job, but by the sum of all my horrid experiences (which were conquered) that make me proud to say i’m a legit race like all the others.
Of cause, our forefathers sat on invaluable gold and did not mine it- ever thought why? Because the old in ancient times considered some things sacred (e.g; gold, mountains, caves, lakes, sea etc.) and therefore revered them and felt they should not be disturbed. To us- modernised twenty first century opportunists, it does sound a bit strange, i mean there’s billions in mining. However, looking at the state of our world now, humankind tends to mine until he exhausts every form of natural resource he can get his hands on (and that is where self-interest comes in) But we will reach a point where there is nothing else to industrialise. What do we do then? So our ancestors were not stupid after all. They had the gift of foresight.
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10 04 2008

Our ancestors didn’t do a wrong thing by sitting on gold ( if they ever did). After all gold, diamond and whatever, are just stones. Why wasting your energy and risking your life by digging wholes on earth just to get access into a stone? Gauteng is going to sink very soon (I’m not joking!). I like Azania’s quote above, I think it sums up everything very well. My addition is that our respect for other people did cost us. These people came with their ships and we allowed them to stay in our country. They started selling us mirrors for cows and other valuable. It’s just like giving someone a life–and their forces you to allow them to drive.

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