At least you’re not the walrus.

10 04 2008

By Fish

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. The Beatles always knew how to tell it straight. I’ve had these very lyrics swimming in my head for a few days and I’ve realised that the phrase is, in actual fact, applicable to many situations. It could very well be the answer to all the world’s problems.


For example, in a modern context, Thomas Beatie is a man living in Oregon in the United States. I say that he is a man, but he hasn’t always been a man. He was indeed born a she. But despite the details, Thomas is married to Nancy and they are trying to have a baby. Now Nancy cannot concieve because she’s had a hysterectomy, so they try a different path. Thomas, the husband, decides that he (who was born a she) will carry the baby instead. He takes hormones to rejuvenate his rusted girly bits, and whoopsie-daisies, he’s with child.


Now this is amazing. We have our first ever pregnant man in the history of the world. Some people don’t agree with this, and say that he was never really a he, just a she in men’s clothing. I think that society should be mature enough to let a person be what they want to be, I mean he changed his sex legally. If she wants to be a he, then let him. My question though is more about what it actually is that constitutes a man? To be blunt, I’m pretty sure one of the most defining features of a man is the obvious lack of womb. Men don’t give birth.


So both of my views contradict, I know. That’s where my mind does a somersault. It is a very confusing situation. So let’s look at it logically: The procedure is medically possible. Doctors have given the decision the green light, and the baby (whether a she or a he) will be delivered like any other. It is a reality that in 8 or so months the world will witness what looks like a man, giving birth.


This is the exciting part. For once, gender is not necessary in the practical sense of the procedure. A man and a woman are starting a family in a completely different way to what society expects. I see this as a step forward for society. Perhaps everyone can now wake up, look at themselves and each other logically, and realize that everyone is in the same boat: they’re just trying to live a happy life the way it suits them. Because in the end, it makes sense that I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.

the beatlesi am the walruspregnant man




5 responses

11 04 2008

Oh my man, the world has really gone crazy! A man is pregnant!ha!ha!ha.I’m afraid by 2050 the world will only have gays and lesbians particularly SA. Maybe the so called ‘Jesus’ is coming back!This type of people deserve to be killed and let the world forget about them for good. They really have a bad influence into our society!Rape star(Msholozi)was right when he said “a gay person would not stand in front of him he will knock him down”I can also do the same thing. This is not discrimination, but is anti-creatianism. God created a man and a woman, so why this gay people! It’s for publicity and is also a fashion!

11 04 2008

Well, Mduduzi, you may just be right in your prediction there… At the turn of the next century we could all just be one gender and, perhaps, one race! Too bad not many of us will be there to see that. And yes, I can agree with you in that I also feel that there are those who are fashionably gay and lesbian. However, for those who are truly LGBTI, that is their choice in their lives and they should not be hated for it. They are not destroying ‘creationism’. I think you’re confusing sex with gender and, yes, one affects the meaning of the other but my point is that the population is not going to die out because two women or two men are in a relationhip. Before you start hating, begin understanding.

11 04 2008

i love that song!

13 04 2008

I think everyone should have a right to have children. I wonder how Mduduzi would feel if he woke up one morning to realise that he…. is also gay. I don’t see why sexual orientation should be, in any way, a prerequisite for adoption.

FSSSSHHHHH, nice post bra. If only we could get you to stop singing the lyrics to that bloody song…..

15 04 2008

Wow! thats interesting. I never thought that a man would be pregnant. I do not agree with you Mduduzi.I also do not understand why you want these people to be killed. Let them live their life as long as they are not interfering with yours. We have different ways of doing things my broer and you need to accept that.

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