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14 04 2008

By Danielle Brock (Dangirl)

Alright now I know I’ve already ranted on about my future but I now have a new issue that I’d like other peoples’ points of view on. So, here’s the thing. 

When you’re a little kid you have all these dreams of what you want to be when you’re big. I went from doctor to school teacher to astro-physicist back to doctor then to politician and now pretty much have my heart set on journalism, which is what I’m currently studying for. As you grow up your plans obviously change but this is not only because your previous plan wasn’t cool enough but because you realise that being something like a school teacher is not going to put a BMW in the garage and caviar on the table. And we all know that deep down inside everybody has dreams of such luxuries when picturing their futures.

But here’s the thing. I do have dreams of travelling the world, living in my dream mansion and sending my children to the best private schools but I know that as a journalist I will probably never be able to afford such a lavish lifestyle. Yes, there is the possibility once you’ve reached the top, but that could take years. However, even though I hope to be financially secure, I could never dream of giving up something I love so much for a profession that simply pays well. A very good friend of mine has done this, giving up her love for Drama to pursue a career in Law, simply because it’s a professional degree that will guarantee her a job at the end, and a good salary. But she hates it! She still has a dream of opening a Drama school but, as she says, ‘one day’. She is not the only one. I have another friend who has a passion for English and a love for writing but is about to complete her BCom degree because it’s a more promising degree.

Now, I don’t know about you but I do not know how someone can spend three to four years studying something they hate, with a clear understanding that they will spend the next 20 to 30 years doing this job everyday, just because they will be financially secure. Maybe I’ve just lost the plot but I’d rather wake up in the morning and WANT to go to work. I’d rather have a passion for my career choice because it is a love for the job that will push you up the corporate ladder and push you to do things that will get you somewhere within that field.

I am in no way questioning my friends’ choices and, who knows, 10 years from now I could be kicking myself for registering for a degree in Medicine. But I just want to know if I’m the only one with this mindset or am I living in the dream world and should plan a career change? What is better, a future you love or a future that pays?

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14 04 2008

a future you love or a future that pays? It depends on individual background, surely if I’m from an extended family I’ll try a career that pays, so that I can be able to help my family as well. Sometimes is not about love it’s also about being good. for instance, you might love a career that you are not good, surely you need to change the career. You can’t do science if you are not good with numbers,no wonder why a lot of journalism students are bad with numbers.

15 04 2008

“Family Kidnapped by Ninjas…Need $4 for Karate lessons” I doubt if a (Rhodes) university graduate would find him or herself in this situation. But you never know, strange things do happen.

15 04 2008

Do what you are passionate about. Money, success and material things will never, ever make you happy by themselves. Doing what you are passionate about will bring you all the financial security you may THINK you need anyway, the only difference being, that you’ll have a hell of a lot more fun getting there.

I qualified as a Chartered Accountant and yet I currently spend most of my days in sandals and shorts building Aquaponic and Aquaculture systems on farms up to my elbows in plumbing and greenhouses and fish – and I LOVE it !!


16 04 2008

PapaG – you’d be surprised.

and to Synaptoman – thanks for the inspiration!

16 04 2008

without money you are nothing and the society won’t even recognise you! for me, career is about making a lot of money. It’s juts unfortunate that I’m doing Journ first and next year I’ll be starting my Geology degree at Wits!

19 04 2008

My broer! Some of us have many mouths to feed after finishing our degree. So choosing a career based on passion will not do any justice in ma family. The reason am studying its because i want to improve the situation back at home. So, money is my first priority. I will start thinking about what i love once my family is in a better situation. In that way i wont have to worry about younger cousins.
may be you aaskng why am i doing Journ if i want money. I wanged to do BSC but my maths marks were very low.

24 04 2008

I have posted something that concerns me on “ghettoverit” so I decided to post it on your blog as well. This is because some of my subjects are members of these two groups. This is what I had to say:

I hear that black journalism students at Rhodes have decided to establish the Forum of Black Journalism students (FBJ). Those I talked to told me that they feel like outsiders in their practicals because they simply feel that they are in a place where they don’t belong, they decided to have a forum where they will share their experiences and other things. So as far as I see it, the Forum was not created for “black journalism students” as such, but rather by– and for– township (yes that word) journalism students. Anyway, this is my take from talking to 3rd year Journalism students from Rhodes and it is a really worrying thing. What is really worrying is that these guys ( all of them are males) are starting to get hostile to other people. Everywhere they go, they are walking as a gang of some sort. The way I see it may be wrong but I stand to be corrected.

26 05 2008

yo.. yo.. yo.. FBJ again? I give up

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