Trying to create good from the past.

29 04 2008

The issue of name change in South Africa worries the public from preachers to politicians, as much as it worries black journalists. Pastors from the Grahamstown East churches are now pushing for the name change.  Sasco invited the Eastern Cape MEC of Agriculture Mr Gugile Nkwinti during the freedom day and he holds similar views about name change. The comments are the same as the reasons behind the formation of Black journalists forum . I read an article from MG about Black journalists forum and I decided to share it with you.

Mr Nkwinti and some Grahamstown pastors believe that changing names can’t be important for the poor people, because they are more concerned about other issues, such as better housing and safe water. However, we also need to realise that the colonial domination left something that can’t be changed such as Settlers 1820 and the only way to honour black heroes is to build the same building as the 1820 to show that blacks and whites are equal. Take Egazini monument for example, you can easily tell that, that monument perpetuate a stereotype that blacks are still inferior, because it is smaller than the 1820 settlers monument. According to the belief the process of name changing is a way of decolonising our minds and the country as a whole.

Similarly, the forum of black journalists seeks to infuse the black community with a new-found pride in themselves, their efforts, their value system, their culture, their religion and their outlook to life. However, poor people from the other side of ‘Grahamstown’ township have a different view, they think that government can use the money for development, because even if you change the name the memories will still remain the same. For example, changing ‘Graham-stown’ won’t change the fact that European people honoured colonel Graham after the good job he did for them, killing a lot of amaXhosa. Can we really create good from the past or we can only create good for the future?







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30 04 2008

Hi to the journalist!
I was so glad I read your outrage to the end …… WHY IS THAT GROUP STILL IN EXISTENCE???!!! You have a VERY good point. I’m just very very sad that you feel the constitution only serves whites ……. are you sure you’re not going to keep hate alive and so do exactly what the Afrikaners and 1820 Settlers did? – just to white skins this time?! I’m sure you’ve answered this MANY times, so don’t bother…… keep your passion, it’s good medicine!! This is sent with genuine admiration and best best wishes.

30 04 2008
Proudly FBJ

I also read that article on M&G, Andile is raising interesting issues there.

30 04 2008


1 05 2008
something need to be done?

We are all products of our environment, our insights, perceptions and character are shaped by our experiences.

Those who keep crying forgive and forget do not know what they are talking about, they have no idea how traumatic all past experiences were. They don’t know how it feels to say I’m off to Grahamstown a place named after a butcher and if we want to change the name they start complaining. The pastors are citizens of a country as well, so I’m happy that they have also realised that the name grahamstown means colonisation and if we don’t change the name it means we are still colonised.

I don’t understand why people are making fuss out of name changes and things such as FBJ, because it indicates a shift and people must just accep that change is happening.

2 05 2008

There problem with Africans is that they don’t want to work very hard and when they fail, they justify their failure based on past experiences. What ever happens nowadays in South africa is claimed to be a consequence of colonisation. Africans must start working hard and forget about the past as they can’t create any good from the past. Individuals can only create good about the future.

2 05 2008

There is a simple litmus test to determine whether or not an organisation specifically for blacks is racist or not, simply insert another race in the title…………………………………………………
White Editors Forum …….Racist definitly
Forum for Indian Journalists…………Racist definitly
Jewish Lawyers for justice………….Racist definitly.

8 05 2008
Bye bye English names!

You can’t use African names in Europe, so why European names in AFrica! Whoever is opposing this debate of name changes need to be hanged.

8 05 2008

Bye Bye English names? I think you are a funny character your name is Michael, we will first hang you, after that we can kill all other people.

PNB, The problem was not with the tittle, but with the implementation or the the forum was exclusive, the name is okay, for example, we have got Black Management Forum, and is an independent non-governmental initiative dedicated to placing black managers on an equal footing with managers from other backgrounds and environments. The organisation cultivates attitude, belief, motivation and competency in both black and white managers and business leaders who will be conducive to the profitable growth of the South African economy

8 05 2008
Mateyu (Matthew in English)

There are African names in Europe…I’ve seen “Nelson” Mandela streets in Europe…”Lucas” Radebe–the greatest South African footballer– was also honoured at Leeds in England.

29 05 2008

inconsequentially says : I absolutely agree with this !

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