Car wash politics

26 05 2008

The recent attempts, by the Makana Municipality, to evacuate Liyakhanya Car Wash at the Beufort Street taxi rank is nothing less than bullying and greed on the part of the municipality.

Liyakhanya, a very popular carwash, played a big part in keeping young people out of the streets and creating employment but now municipality claims to have better ideas for the venue of the car wash. If it really has better plans why it doesn’t find another place where it can start from scratch and give even more people jobs. As far as I understand the situation the municipality claims that it

Instead of using the resources to help Mbulelo Kitsili, the manager of Liyakhanya, to develop his business, the Municipality opted to use taxpayers’ money on expensive legal action against him. This is not only a clear sign of disrespect for the Makana community but also an abuse of taxpayers’ money.

However, these developments are not surprising at all; countrywide greedy civil servants are willing to go an extra mile to ensure that they get what they want even if that means some people have to lose their only source of income. It’s embarrassing how the very same municipality that claims to be fighting unemployment contribute towards it.

Why then do the workers have to suffer? Most of the workers at Liyakhanya Car Wash receive their only income from this car wash. If the car wash is closed down these people will not only lose their salaries but they will also be left with nothing to do. Let’s face it people, in a town like Grahamstown where unemployment is rampant. 

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