Rags to riches, for real.

30 05 2008

by Fish

I find it amazing that if you search for South African crime statistics on the internet, all the information is out of date (http://www.saps.gov.za/statistics/reports/crimestats/2006/_pdf/provinces/rsa_total.pdf). The most recent report I could find was one released by the SAPS in early 2007 (http://www.info.gov.za/issues/crime/crime_aprsept_ppt.pdf). What baffles me even more is that all the police reports I could find stated point blank that the crime rate in South Africa is decreasing, but all external sources seem to disagree (http://www.iss.co.za/CrimeIndex/01Vol5No1/World.html).

Personally, I know of three people who experienced house breaking this very week. And if you look around Grahamstown, the rate doesn’t seem to be decreasing. South Africa has a crime problem and we know it.

This is why I find the story of drama program being run at the Egazini centre (http://www.grahamstown.co.za/egazini.htm) so important. The endeavour that has been undertaken by the department of social development and this arts and crafts centre clearly shows that there are at least some people making an effort to stop crime.

Not only is crime being actively prevented, but children are also being provided with opportunities that they would previously never have dreamed of. They now are being provided with an alternative to life on the streets.

In addition to this even, the children are also showcasing their own work, through a play entitled “My life on the streets of Grahamstown”, which they have directed, written and choreographed themselves. They will be delivering a professional performance at the 2008 National Arts Festival.




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