Afrikaners taking it to another level?

31 05 2008

I was recently stunned by a letter which I read on Die Burger and Grocotts newspapers about Afrikaners being discriminated against by their fellow counterpart English first language speakers. The letter claimed that Afrikaans speaking people are being labelled as dumb and racist (dom en rassisties). This article was written by a third year Rhodes University student and it claimed that Afrikaans is a dead language used by a group of racist and stupid Dutchman. The report quoted Afrikaans students who said they have been ill-treated by English students.


Similarly, a Freedom Front Plus leader Pieter Mulder presented and submitted the party’s application at the ninth general meeting of (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation) UNPO at the European Parliament in Brussels a couple of weeks ago. To me this type of people is just concerned audience that they are not free, hence the name of their party and the title of the article printed in die burger.


The Afrikaners must just get used to the system and move on with the travelling train; otherwise they will be left behind. I think there are more issues that we can worry about than Afrikaners feeling excluded and unfree, and not enjoying the democracy enjoyed by everyone in S.A. Firstly, SABC 2 has more news, drama and content in Afrikaans that the Shangaan, Venda, Pedi etc so what is this cultural or language marginalisation are this people talking about. We have Afrikaans as a language at Rhodes and this means that this same people can still pursue their mother tongue in higher education. In addition, this same group of people are still taught in Afrikaans in high schools and other than English first-language speakers, no one else in this country enjoys this privilege. Visits Grahamstown townships people will admire you as an Afrikaans speaker unlike speaking Venda or Shangaan where they will simply say you are a foreigner , so what more do Afrikaners want?


I think these people just need to move on and deal with other democratic issues, because they are really free people. I hope they consume media and they will agree with me if I say that people that should be complaining are Tsonga, Swati, Venda and Pedi people, because they are the minority and they are not represented in every sphere of the country.




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1 06 2008

firstly, i think its sad that not only is our society divided up into racial identites each with their own stigma’s and generalisations surrounding them, but we further fragment our society by associating similarly negative stigma with language groups. will we ever stop creating divisions between ‘us’ and ‘them’.
while i agree that 1st language Afrikaans speakers are catered for in the South African education system, higher education insitutions and the media this does not mean that they should just “get used to the system” or “move on and deal with other democratic issues”.
our constitution protects every individuals right to not be discriminated against, and people just assume that because the Apartheid government was primarily an Afrikaans government, that these people have no right to complain in the new South Africa. how can we call ourselves a functioning democracy if certain groups are excluded from constitutionally protected rights simply because of the language they speak?
yes, certainly other language group minorities in South Africa are not catered for, and yes they should be. but why does this mean that Afrikaaners who feel stigmatised or discriminated against cannot express their feelings about this? prioritising one “democratic issue” over another is taking a step backwards in achieving a goal of a fully representative democracy.

2 06 2008
Not used?

It’s not like they are not being catered for, but the way they are doing it (complains), it’s more like since the apartheid ended, they got cut off by the society and to me, it’s like they don’t wanna be ruled or governed by black people. The fact that they have a political organisation that can stand and compete with Mr zuma means that they are free and given equal chance. The problem is that, this people are used to enjoying the benefits alone, they love money and control.

In terms of Tsonga, Venda, Swati and Ndebele, these ethnic groups are just ignorant?

2 06 2008

Some people just enjoy being in front of Cameras and some enjoy having their names being printed out in newspaper? I never heard of any Afrikaner complaining about being discriminated against, so these claims are just for publicity?

11 06 2008

@ Fatz1 – Thank you for understanding the problem and explaining same to the blogger. I totally agree with your comments.

@ Not used? – Have the English speaking white people not also gained and benefited from the previously white government? What have they done to bring white ruled government down? Nothing, because it benefited them as well. But now, they can suddenly blame everything of the past on the Afrikaans speaking people while they also had the same priviledges. Shame on them and everyone else blaming only the Afrikaans speaking white folk for the past.

26 02 2009
Afrikaans is my TAAL...

“When I speak Afrikaans, I feel at home..”………..

You can’t have a culture without a language, your own language……lank lewe Afrikaans…………………

It’s your breath that you breathe. Without your language, you may as well be dead. ……………………Ek sal lewe, Ek sal sterwe, vir jou. Afrikaans…………………..Dirk vd Walt 2009

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