I’m a…                                   Journalism student, and a music junkie



 I’m a… ChristianSomeday I want… to teach the world to spell and use good grammar. There are… too many questions here.I can’t stand… on my head.I wish… more people would love, but the way that makes a difference.I don’t know… what to write here.I want… a degree.When I see… the sun I smile.

Only when… it rains do I frown.

I need… more sleep usually.

I love… Coca Cola…and people J

I hate… brinjal.

Why can’t… these questions be over.

I wonder… when they will be over.

I’m sad… that people hurt.

I’m happy… that this quiz is going quicker now that we’re near the end.

I don’t need… stress.

I can’t do… maths.

I believe… in Jesus, the most awesome guy you could possibly live your life with.

If I could I would… stop hurt and pain.

Hey, I’m Jade: a fun, Coca-cola-loving, grammar-obsessed TV student who does like long walks on the beach and teddy bears. I love to dance and would love to teach young people how awesome hip-hop dancing could be in a way that brings glory to God. I’m always sub-editing, whether it’s for friends or Oppi Press, because secretly I would love to cause a global ‘good grammar’ revolution. I would love to bring the personal side to current affairs on this blog, and make people think about how issues really do affect individuals. People’s lives will never be just be statistics as long as they are personally affected.



 Someday I want…to encourage critical thinking  

There are lazzy people in the world 

I can’t stand… In the mornings

I wish… there were no lecturers

I don’t know…why people love each other

I want…beer, to save water

When I see…people wearing All-stars and Dickies, I love it

Only when…chaos dominate everywhere, I’ll he happy

I need…more money 

I love… chaos

I hate… peace, love and happiness

Why can’t… these questions be over.

I wonder…why booze is not for free

I’m sad…because there is more peace in the world

I’m happy… because it’s Friday

I don’t need…financial advisor

I can’t…stop hating peace, I believe…in science

If I could I would kill all Americans

I’m MK and I hail all the way from the jungle of Limpopo in the far north and I’m a former soldier of Makhado. I love drinking, particularly cheap booze and promoting critical thinking. I love jokes and I want to join the likes of Spinach in drama industry. I’m a soccer player and a founder of Mzansi Warriors soccer team at Rhodes. I love local dramas, although I don’t watch television very often. I wish global warming can stop, until I get married.  


I’m a woman with many dreams

Someday I want a family

There are starving children everywhere so don’t throw away food!

I can’t stand selfish and ignorant politicians

I wish humans could fly

I don’t know where God came from

I want…right now I want Green Thai Chicken Curry

When I see homeless people my heart goes out to them

Only when people are rude to me am I rude to them

I need my sister

I love my boyfriend…and Nutella

I hate anything with eight legs

Why can’t we start life as an old person and die as a baby

I wonder if George Clooney will ever notice me

I’m sad that life is too short

I’m happy when I wake up on the right side of the bed

I don’t need a splinter in my life

I can’t say ‘never’

If I could I would be Eva Longoria

Hi! I’m Jolanta Slomkowski, studying at Rhodes University, South Africa, to complete my Bachelor of Journalism Degree. I’m too much of a ‘softie’ at times,      can’t change that, but I hope to one day in the near future help people who can’t help themselves. As cliché as that sounds, I mean it in as genuine a way as possible. I’m married to music and live by Eminem’s words “Lose Yourself in the Music, the Moment”. I’m also a huge sports fan and I’m into Formula 1, rugby and weird things like ice-skating and gymnastics. I really wish we could stop Global Warming. The thought that people are killing the future scares me and I don’t want to die as a result of over-heating or below freezing conditions. I hope this blurb brings awareness to the readers as it sensitises ‘you’ to the broader issues of the world, and I’m not talking about who’s had implants or a nose job. Shot. That’s me. Peace!

Catherine (Cath)


I’m a… music lover and chocolate addict.

Someday I want… to find a job that I like for a change.

There are… not enough hours in a day.

I can’t stand…people who are intolerant of other people’s culture and the Dutch.

I wish… I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller, I wish I had a rabbit in a hat…

I don’t know… how to draw.

I want… sushi!

When I see… Justin Timberlake I get this feeling in my stomach, I think it’s called love.

Only when… people calm down will anything get resolved.

I need… food, water and friends, that’s all.

I love… Justin Timberlake.

I hate… seeing people or things suffer.

Why can’t… these questions be over.

I wonder… is the tightest track on Kanye’s Graduation by far!

I’m sad… that they stopped making Pinky and the Brain.

I’m happy… during summer.

I don’t need… admin.

I can’t…stand admin.

I believe… that everything happens for a reason.

If I could I would open my own chocolatier in a small Swiss village.

My name’s Catherine. I’m interested in music, current affairs, people and other interesting things. One day I want to figure out exactly what I want in life and then go get it. I think it will involve media, writing, lots of people and general awesomeness. I plan to use this blog as a platform for expression and a forum for discussion although I do think people should spend a little less time online and a little more face to face. The End

Danielle Brock (Dan Girl) 

Dan-Brock-webdan girl

I’m a… homo sapien. That means I am a human being but with a cool world.

Someday I want… to save the world but we all know that won’t happen so I’ll settle with being rich and famous.

There are… a lot of things I could write here. These questions should be a little more specific.

I can’t stand… close-minded people.

I wish… for an infinite amount of wishes, that way they’ll never run out.

I don’t know… where I see myself in the next 10 years. Not because I don’t have a life plan, because I really do, but who knows where I could be? Journalism can take you anywhere!

I want… food. I always want food. Not because I’m always hungry but because eating is such a fun exercise. Better than running I’d say and your taste buds are satisfied too.

When I see… the sign for a bathroom I immediately need to go. It’s all in the mind I think.

Only when… fish swim. I’m not sure what that means.

I need… a hug. I always need a hug. Who doesn’t? I’m snugly like that.

I love… to talk, laugh and smile.

I hate… pins and needles, and I don’t mean the sewing tools. It’s the worst feeling in the world, especially when you start wiggling your appendages around.

Why can’t… someone off Bob and Hedge already!

I wonder… a lot. I like to ponder and question everything I’m told. No one should just take things for granted.

I’m sad… when I see people saying goodbye at airports. 

I’m happy… when music is playing. Any music. I’m eclectic like that.

I don’t need… negative people in my life. Nothing annoys me more than those who see the bad in everything and feel the need to complain all the time. Wouldn’t life be easier if we all just smiled once in a while?

I can’t… live without red meat.

I believe… in fate. Everything is pre-determined and happens for a reason.

If I could I would… be travelling around the world with my suitcase and camera.

I am Danielle, but everyone calls me Dan. I am currently a third year Journalism student who decided to emerge herself in the world of television. Some may think I’m a bit disturbed but my interests lie in war and conflict and I see myself dodging bullets to capture the real story. With me you’ll get a big mouth that says whatever it feels, free of charge! Sometimes I like to question things just for fun, just to make people think and that’s what I plan to do in this little public space we like to call a blog.



Gugulethu Mhlungu (Gugs)

I’m a… workaholic (everyone says ‘Hi Gugs’)

Someday… I want to be a legend and by wanting it I will be a legend.

There are… not enough positive people in the world and not NEARLY enough hot boys in Grahamstown.

I can’t stand… people with no drive, ambition or direction. Get a bloody purpose!

I wish… all girls knew that one outfit may not have more than three unpaired colours.

I don’t know… I am going to do once I buy Oprah in 20 years.

I want… to marry Ne-Yo and eat chocolate without gaining weight.

When I see… children and puppies I melt (go the puggles).

Only when… all ladies shoes come in a size 8.5 is it a truly just world.

I need… to make time to congratulate myself.

I love… pushing myself and surprising myself with how far I can actually go.

I hate… the use of the word hate especially when we use it to justify hating things we allow to annoy us  (eg: ‘I hate people who walk slowly’- walk on the other side you fool!).

Why can’t… every child be given a chance to be a child ?

I wonder… what the voices in my head are thinkin?!

I’m sad… when children are abused because they don’t understand and they will always forgive.

I’m happy… when I am doing more than what I did yesterday.

I don’t need… no education! Holla Pink Floyd.

If I could… I would be God and take away human’s free will cos we do stupid shit it.

I am a humanist- I am appalled by all forms human rights abuse. Call me a feminist or a philanthropist and I will punch you in the face because I wont be boxed and I am concerned with all humans. I love life in the form of growing people and creatures (kids and animals). I am an eternal optimist to a fault and think our world is actually going to be okay. I am not interested in GDPs and any form of macro analysis: if you going to talk to me about development talk to me about communities and households and in terms of real wages. I think is disgusting that people are being ripped off on the necessities like in the recent Bread scandal in South Africa. I think my generation has a lot to grateful for and we need to get over our ‘we got it worse’ complex. I want to be a somebody

Daniel Epstein (Dan Boy)

Daniel-webdan boy

 I’m a… human being

Someday… I want not to want

There are… things

I can’t stand… group-think

I wish… for it, this, that

I don’t… know for sure

I want… it though

When… I see everything

Only when… I see everything

I need… nothing

I love

I wonder… where it went

I’m… me 

I’m… you

I don’t need… anything


I’m interested in ancient history, occult knowledge and Eastern Philosophy. Macro issues fascinate me – none at present are bigger than the coming of the Age of Aquarius. I hope to bring a fresh voice and image to Thedaybeforefriday, and from it get experience of establishing and managing a site.

Fathima Simjee (Fatz)


I’m a… hypochondriac.

Someday… I want to travel the world.

There are… some things I can’t stand, like slow walking people.

I can’t stand… slow walking people.

I wish… I could lick my elbow.

I don’t know… how they get toothpaste in the tube without the colours getting mixed together.

I want… right now? A doughnut.

When I see… the police I get nervous.          

I need… medication (I’m a hypochondriac)

I love… trashy romance novels.

I hate… that women who says “your call limit has been reached, please recharge your account”.

Why… can’t I lick my elbow?

I wonder… if anyone will ever read this.

I’m sad… because I can’t think of any interesting responses.

I’m happy… when I find money in my jeans pocket that I didn’t know was there.

I don’t… need a hip replacement.

I can’t… ride a bicycle.

I believe… that Tupac is alive.

If I could… I would eradicate poverty and pin back my elf ears.

I’m Fathima Simjee, but most people know me as Fatz. I’m a journalism student at Rhodes University and hope to one day achieve the impossible: be a rich journalist. I enjoy nothing better than sitting on the couch watching Discovery channel or curled up on my bed reading a ‘trashy romance’ novel. I’m interested in cars and motorsport and try to be up to date with current affairs. I hope to bring a great set of tits to this blog and I hope you get a space which entertains as well as interests you.

Matthew von Abo (Matt)


 I’m a…                     

Someday… I want to have a house on the beach.

There are… 100 000 hairs on the human body

I can’t stand… the Danish

I wish… upon a star???

I don’t know… theoretical nuclear physics

I want… some good Italian food

When I… see clearly the rain is gone         

Only when… all cars go green I will be happy

I need… Super M chocolate milk

I love… the beach…cliché

I hate… narcissism

Why can’t …the parrot listen to the cheese?

I wonder… about Hilary Clinton 😉

I’m sad

I’m happy… when my friends are around

I don’t need… to be doing this….

I can’t speak…Arabic or Ovambu

I’m matt I really like the internet…it’s fun.


 MATT (Fish)


 I’m a… creative thinker

Someday… I want to see the world

There are…3 different kinds of people. Those who can count and those who can’t.

I can’t stand… still

I wish… the voices would stop.

I don’t know… any un-interesting people

I want… a nice home-cooked Sunday lunch

When… I see blood, I feel sick.

Only when… there is no one around do I really start singing.

I need… you to keep reading this blog.

I love… pirates. They’re the coolest people to ever live.

I hate… narrow-minded people

Why… can’t we all just be friends?

I wonder… I wa-wa-wa-wa-wonder.

I’m sad… to see how much work we have to do.

I’m happy…that you’re reading this blog

I don’t need… anybody’s approval but my own

I can’t… wait for the weekend to begin

I believe… that children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way

If I could …I would fly. 

I come with many names, Matthew, Matt, MJ, Johnny, and there are many faces to me. That seems cryptic enough.

I’m a…realist


9 responses

10 03 2008
Township boy II

“Township boy” Mk I’m glad that you are proud of you stuff–umshova 4 life…Keep the township flag flying high. Save water drink amagwele.

3 04 2008

MK bra, you can’t want to kill all Americans! That’s genocide dude, the thing that’s been destroying Mama Afrika for so long.

4 04 2008

Mk, let me give you a taste of your own medicine. Remember, you always tell people to get their facts right. Now it’s time for you to get yours right. The fact that your father was an MK (Mkhonto Wesizwe) soldier doesn’t mean that you were also one. Or is is because of the fact that you were once smuggled to Angola (to see him for a week) and then came back? But even if that’s the case you were still a toddler. Gotcha!

6 04 2008

I must admit, you Thursday peeps are all quite hot. If any of you are interested, yo can call me on …..

9 04 2008

Wow, the Southpark versions of you guys are so funny! Well done it looks amazing

9 04 2008

grrrr…. that stuart guy looks hot. and it sounds like he has a very big….
brain. nice!

10 04 2008

the website looks amazing.. well done.. iwill definitely be a regular here.. 🙂

10 04 2008

hehehe, these southpark characters are SO accurate 🙂

23 06 2008

hey! really love this website guys! i love the fact that im reading about people i see all the time. Hi Stu, Fatz, Gugs, Jola!

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