Hi and welcome to our blog!

As the welcome on the home page says, we are a bunch (perhaps I should say flock or gaggle or herd?) of Rhodes University T.V journalism students.

While this blog may have started out as simply an assignment which we had to create and update as part of our course (and for marks I might add) we have all come to love this blog as if it were our own child and have used it for many hours of ranting, raving and procrastination (as one might use a child for).

This is our space to express ourselves, tell you what and how we feel about certain issues and topics, showcase our videos and to hopefully get feedback from you. We would love to hear from you and to engage in stimulating…. conversation/debate- so we encourage you to leave comments!

Whats in our blog:

Home: The home page is updated quite regularly and features our sometimes random, but always insightful/entertaining blog post.

Biographies:  find out a bit more about who we are and what we do. Check out our personal biographies for more insight into the life of your favourite authors (or least favourite…)

Videos: here’s where you can find the short videos we have made so far in our T.V course.  


Instead of boring you with more details about who we are, we thought we’d tell you more about that all important day- THE DAY BEFORE FRIDAY ie Thursday.


Thor was the Norse God of Thunder. The Scandanavians believed his chariot rumbled as it crossed the sky and that he wielded a hammer that shot lightening when he threw it.

After lots of wars, pillaging etc etc and the intermingling of different cultures and beliefs, the day Thorsdaeg came about. Which is pronounced by modern English speakers as Thursday.

Thursday is sometimes referred to as “Friday Eve” (a.k.a the day before Friday) in anticipation for the end of the work week on Friday.

Thursday is the fourth day of the week in most western countries and the fifth day of the week in the Judaeo-Christian calendar, falling between Wednesday and Friday.

In most of the Indian Languages the word for Thursday is Guruvar, with Guru being the Sanskrit name for the planet Jupiter.

In Thailand, the colour associated with Thursday is orange.

In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, the character Arthur Dent says “This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays”. A few minutes later the planet Earth is destroyed.


Ah, you gotta love the day before Friday!



Thedaybeforefriday teamJ


 Thursday thrill?



19 responses

7 04 2008

I love the blog guys. It’s coming along really nicely. I think maybe separate your videos from your written pieces; it will give the blog some more structure. I like your photos and your written pieces, they are really interesting. I agree with fatz, the vodacom meerkat really gets to me, I liked their previous campaign, they should have carried on with it. My worst was when they introduced the female meerkat. Like, what the hell was that about?:)

8 04 2008

Hey friends, nice going with the blog eh:) I agree with Lei about the moving the vids, it helps a lot that your front page doesn’t take too long to load – it puts a lot of ppl off when that happens. And then you don’t have to delete the original posts either, just remove the Youtube embed code on your dashboard and then the vid will go away, and you still have advertising for your vid. Then it’s easy to make a link to your Videos page – just highlight a stream of text relevant to the vid in question, or type in the generic “Click here”, highlight it and click the hyper link button. Then just fill in the URL for your videos page. Viola! 🙂
I like your posts so far – they make for interesting reads. Are all your post pics on Flickr as well? I’ve heard that if those aren’t your own pics then that can be a form of copyright infringement cos Flickr assumes they are the user’s own work, but maybe just check up on that. Flickr and other pics websites are getting quite up tight about it cos a famous Flickr photographer just had a whole bunch of her work stolen 😦
Ok but that was rather epic. Hope that helps!
And I really dig your SP pics. niiiice, Mish

10 04 2008

Howdy ya’ll (the “others”),

Just to clarify we did not intentionally use the same design as you guys. I didn’t like our old one so I found another design, low and behold it was the same one you guys picked. There weren’t many good designs to choose from on WordPress. Anyway, both our blogs are looking good and doing well.




10 04 2008

So if I had to rate the look of our blog out of 10, I’d probably give it a 7.
I find it easy to read, if only excessively vertical (which hey, unless you want to expand the horizontal length of your computer screen, will always be an issue). I think the pics add a lot of colour to the blog and overall there’s a clean, fresh look (see theme: Freshy) that I think doesn’t confuse readers, i.e. it is easy to navigate! Well done to thedaybeforefriday team!!

10 04 2008

woohoo!!! we just reached the 2000 hit mark!! nicely done team!

10 04 2008

Hi team!

Maybe im too close to the project to give an objective opinion but i think our blog looks great! its fresh (haha, as jade said, the theme is Freshy after all), its clean and i think it looks like something that someone who stumbles upon it would want to stay and check out.

I think the home page looks much better after we moved the videos to another page- the videos made it look a bit chaotic since they werent all together and there were normal posts in between them. the pictures definitely add visual interest and colour to the page and prevent it from being too text heavy. at the moment it looks like we’re having a few problems in terms of consistency with regard to fonts and font sizes. perhaps before we all started blogging we should have decided what we would all use. but theres nothing that cant be fixed.

i know its probably inappropriate for me too say this, but i think the bio’s page looks alot more exciting with the south park versions of us. it adds alot of colour and a bit of humour to the page. my only crit for the bio’s page is that the format, font etc for all of our bio’s is a bit different.

but overall, i think our blog is easy on the eye and even if i werent a member of the esteemed daybeforefriday team, i would still love the look of this blog!


10 04 2008

oops, i forgot to add- im really glad we ended up using this image header. its simple, yet says so much!

11 04 2008
Karen Thome

Guys, congrats on all the hard work! It’s really paid off and your blog is looking great, it’s well structured, and well your content is interesting so thats a big bonus! =0P Had a bit of trouble watching your vids tho,it wasn’t registering that they were there, so ended up searching for them on youtube.
I like that you guys have added a lot of pictures, because it looks like we’re all stuck with this boring ol’ black font, so the pics do give a very necessary burst of colour.
oh, and 2073 hits…niiiice ( for you that is! =0P )
keep up the good work lovelies, and I’ll see you in class =)

11 04 2008

hi Karen!
about the problems with the vids, that happens sometimes. usually all u need to do is refresh the page and it should work:)
but thanx for watching!

11 04 2008

Lloyd here again…

Re: The Look of the blog

I very much like your blog guys. In terms of its aesthetics, it is certainly pleasing on the eye. The vast array of photos that you have used to accompany your articles have really complimented that articles that you have written. I notice that some of your pieces don’t have bylines, and the articles weren’t all in the same size and font, but it seems as if you guys have pretty much resolved the latter problem now. You have covered a broad range of subject matters, making this blog of interest to a large number of people. Like the South Park characters too. All in all, a good team effort everyone 🙂

Lloyd 🙂

11 04 2008

I love the look of your blog. Your design is clean but funky, it represents a lot of your personalities, which is very important. Your usage of pictures with stories is awesome especially with the way that if the title doesn’t managed to attract the readers attention the picture most certainly will. Your blog is easy to navigate and very eye-pleasing. Really well done!

12 04 2008

I like the clean clear look of this blog. You can find things easily. It is not too congested. I think that the top part where you put the different says of the week and circled the T for Thursday worked pretty well. Not too fancy and straight to the point.
The posts and comments are very interesting and poliyical too. Good going guys!

13 04 2008
Syanda Ngcobo

Thedaybeforefriday, I like your blog. It is interesting and easy to ready. When I read it I find it is insightful. It easy to get what you are looking for. I think the other thing that I like about it is the fact that you have nice visuals which goes together with the stories. Keep it up

13 04 2008

I’m not too sure whether I agree with the general consensus that your blog is insightful. It is very random and therefore very cool because as students we are entitled to be as random as goat’s milk.
I’m not sure I like the look of the blog, purely because the heading is very boring and doesn’t really do your posts justice. Perhaps something more funky should’ve been picked!
I don’t think there is one post on your roll that isn’t entertaining. What I like the most about THEDAYBEFOREFRIDAY is that each of your posts speak something about the writer’s individual character, which is inevitably what blogging is about.

14 04 2008


14 04 2008

I like the way you guys designed your biographies, I could not hold my laughter when I read some of your biographies. I have a problem with the lay out of your blog though, it’s not attractive. I think you should work on that. It will also be nice if you guys blog about staff that is happening around Grahamstown.

14 04 2008

Thedaybeforefriday, I like your blog. It is interesting and easy to ready. When I read it I find it, insightful. It easy to get what you are looking for. I think the other thing that I like about it is the fact that you have nice visuals which goes together with the stories. It is well orgernised. Keep it up.

14 04 2008

I think I agree with Alna the blog is far to boring in terms of the design of the page, it just doesn’t do any of your posts any form of justice at all. I will admit it is easy to navigate and read and I didn’t find myself not really knowing what to focus on first. I do like your biographies page though. The whole SouthPark idea was just brilliant. I wish you’d carried through with that tone throughout the whole design of the page..man:( tHE POSTS ARE BRILLIANT THOUGH!! You guys make great bloggers, covering a wide variety of topics that relate to you personally. I can feel a clear sense of characters coming out which is always good in terms of making your audience want to read on.

All in all I think you guys did do a good job:)

30 05 2008

more images that you guys took would be great on the blog,other than that i like the feel

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