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11 03 2008

By Catherine Sackville Scott 

As a first time blog user (Facebook doesn’t count) I find myself annoyingly overwhelmed and intimidated by the “complexities” of managing this whole thing. I would like to put it out there that while this is supposedley the age of technology, ignoramuses such as myself abound. I like to think it’s due to our subconcious yet staunch dedication to the values of the old school and the vintage. Give me a casette tape or even a mix cd, over your mp3 players and extortionate illegal downloads! And whatever happened to tangible invitations made of real paper? These days one must check Facebook every day or risk being crapped on for missing people’s birthdays or other important “social events” as (Vivienne De Klerk likes to call them). And personally I quite like the activity of shopping thank you very much. In fact I’m almost sure that it’s the process of walking down isles and hopping in and out of changing rooms that induces feelings of satisfaction and contentment, rather than the actual acquirement of an item. Actually I know this for sure as, more often than not, student budget does not allow for “the closing of the deal” (as they say), and one must make do with much looking but not much having. The point is that sights like Ebay and friends pose great danger to the noble tradition of retail therapy.

 My thoughts on the matter can be summed up by looking to Justin Timberlake, who graciously imparted a valuable portion of his infinite wisdom by publicly stating on 50’s track that he too is “tired of using technology”. Word Justin! Ok so maybe that’s not exactly what he was getting at but it’s a catchy phrase and goodness knows we need more of those (please refer to Fatz’s post on the current state South African advertising for more information).

ayo technology justin

 In vaguely related news I am ecstatic to report that this weekend 38 men in Johannesburg were arrested and fined R100 for public urination. Whilst I’m convinced that SAPS could easily find better things to do with their time (fight real crime for example) it’s nice to see that someone is still dedicated to the good old fashioned ideal of common decency. Now I’m not a prude and can definitely sympathise with the plight of the full-bladdered but if people are too lazy to find an appropriate nook or cranny – any tree, dustbin or dark corner will do – then they deserve to have their drinking money taken since clearly they can’t handle their liquid anyway.

The end.

(Coming soon: something of substance – this was just a test I promise) 

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