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So you’ve watched (and hopefully enjoyed) our fun Scifest profiles and ‘how to’ videos. But your probably wondering whether T.V students at Rhodes University actually do any ‘journalism’. ah, all this time we have simply been honing our skills and preparing ourselves to go forth into the field and investigate, report, uncover and reveal!

Our mission: to cover a news worthy story in Grahamstown which is not only of importance to the local community,  but also of interest and relevance to others in the wider national and global community (thanx to the wonders of online technology).  

As usual the stories are short (no longer than two minutes) so wont take up much of your time or precious bandwith. They cover a wide variety of issues and topics ranging from Rape Awareness to increased food costs.

We certainly hope our first attempts as T.V journalists have produced a series of insightful, interesting and informative stories which serve as our first step towards fulfilling our role as journalists in a democracy.

As always, we look forward to your comments and criticisms.

Thedaybeforefirday team. 


Rape Awareness Week

by Jade and Stuart

This story relates to Jade’s post a few weeks back regarding the One in Nine rape statistic in South Africa. We look at the protest held at Rhodes University to highlight this fact, and also chat to the police about how this statistic relates to Grahamstown.

Any comments or feedback regarding the story or about issues surrounding rape in general would be appreciated!





Food price ‘epidemic’ hits SA 


Worldwide the price of food is escalating drastically, not as quickly as the wages, giving one very little for their money nowadays.

In response to this, Matthew Von Abo and Danielle Brock investigated the causes and effects of this ‘epidemic’ on a more local level. View their news report to find out more.

Off of the streets and onto the stage – “My life on the streets of Grahamstown”

  by Fish and Jola

With the National Arts Festival steadily approaching, many artists are hard at work rehearsing. But one particular cast in Joza, Grahamstown, never would have expected to be on stage. Jola Slomkowski reports.

 The final production will be performed at Nombulelo Hall on 26 June, and will then move to Victoria Girls High for the duration of the National Arts Festival.


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